About AnnaTrimmelDesigns

I love, breathe and live art every day of my life. I paint, design and do photography. I started my own little business a few years ago with my line of handbags and purses with my cute little felt characters, and then started to add hair goods, key chains, magnets and more. Now you can find gorgeous handmade stuffed dolls and adorable felt characters for every occasion. Every single piece is unique because I create small new collections every time, and I work with personalized custom orders as well, giving me the chance to create something absolutely unique for you.
I am currently based in New York, working from my small city apartment and yes, drinking lots of coffee in between creating, designing and running down to the post office. With a fast pace life style I am the one behind every step and decision in my store, and with every new challenge and my busy mind I am happy to say that every day brings a new wave of ideas to be tackled with more coffee and the love of my two adorable cats, who are sadly not allowed inside my working area, for obvious reasons, but are always happy to collaborate for product photos such as the cat bow ties, check them out!
Why do I do all of this? because its very satisfying to know that my costumers appreciate my work and really want to have one of my creations for themselves, that in itself is Awesome! I started with Etsy and my reviews are my pride and joy. You still will be able to find me over there for a while, as for now I just want to create a more personalized attention and service with my own website.

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Anna Trimmel.