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Handmade in felt, this little rat is another one of my own creations, this time holding an I Love NYC sign. I personally think that the subway rats are a part of New York City as is the Statue of Liberty (as long as we don't get over run by them) but we share this city, and every time I take the subway I see this creatures running through the rails, sometimes with their little babies behind, looking for some crumbs, and I really wonder how they can survive in such a messy place. This Felt Rat is just a little tribute to this creatures and to their survival skills. I know there are lots of people who have Rats as Pets and I have heard they are awesome (and cleaner), so, anyone out there who wants to symbolic adopt a NY Rat?
It's made in Eco friendly felt, completely hand sewn, designed, and put together here in NYC by me. This is more of an art toy/ornament not intended for rough play, not suitable for babies or toddlers.

Size: 5" and a half tall (14 cm) and can stand by itself thanks to the tail. This rat comes with a ILNYC sign
Adopt one now!

All of my pieces are designed and created here in NYC and are shipped and handled with a lot of care.
All of my items come from a non-smoking Cat friendly environment (cat is not allowed into my working area).
Have fun selecting and buying your favorite items. If you have any questions please let me know, email me at: info@annatrimmeldesigns.com or annatrimmeldesigns@gmail.com

This item is also on Etsy under my same name and logo AnnaTrimmelDesigns.

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