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Abstract purple vampire bat ornament.
Hanging bat, whether he/she is a Vampire bat or a harmless fruit bat it's up to you, this Bat Ornament is inspired in one of Pollock abstract paintings “The guardians of the secret”, making it a great gift for any art and bat lover.

This adorable little Bat is on a mission! Helping Bats in real life, yes, for every sale of this Ornament a portion of its money will be donated to "Batzilla the Bat", a small organization in Australia that dedicates its time to rescue and protect flying foxes and other small species of bats. You can find them on FB as BatzillaTheBat.

Adopt your own little vampire bat now and help this awesome team!

Size: 3" tall, 4" wingspan (7.5cm x 10cm)
Weight: 1 ounce. (31gr)
Material: Acrylic felt and vegan leather
Color: purple, white, black
Limited edition 2018..

Notice that you can open and close their wings with the little metal snaps they have on the wings, and if you have more than one, they can hold "hands", or wings to be more precise.

You can hang them pretty much anywhere, including on your next Christmas tree. They would look hilarious!

Not intended as a toy for little or unsupervised children, this is an ornament.

All of my items are designed and handmade by me in my NYC studio, smoke free but pet friendly (cat is not allowed in sewing area).

Have fun selecting and buying your favorite items. If you have any questions please let me know, email me at: info@annatrimmeldesigns.com or annatrimmeldesigns@gmail.com

This item is also on Etsy under my same name and logo AnnaTrimmelDesigns.

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